Friday, July 31, 2009


Sundays in Stranglethorn Vale are always an adventure and a test of one's self control. If ever a Gankapotamus was sighted, it was most likely during the weekly fishing contest in STV.

I try to get down there each Sunday with at least one of my toons in hopes of catching a rare fish and winning the fishing hat or boots. Winning the fishing tournament itself seems like a bit of a stretch for me, but I keep reading intriguing strategic tips and tactical pointers.

Now, as for the monster that seems indigenous to Stranglethorn Vale and Booty Bay, it waits to disrupt my Sunday "zone" each week. This most recent Sunday was no different. It seemed to spring forth from every pool I cast my line into. No matter how far I ran to avoid it, it shadow my every move.

I have a fun MonaVie tasting party to run to, so I will reveal more about the Gankapotamus later!

-Trader Wow

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