Saturday, June 20, 2009

WoW Fishing Guide: Fishing Poles & Accessories

Trader Wow, Menethil HarbourThis #1 Guide to Wow Fishing Poles has reeled itself in to our official web site at:

If you're lookin' fer a new fishing pole, then git urself to our official web site and "git-r-done"!

Enjoy! -Trader Wow

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy Gold Fishing Guide: Profitable Fishing Locations

Trader Wow: Fishing at Steamwheedle Port, TanarisI've updated and expanded this Guide to Profitable Fishing Locations: Tanaris. It's moved to our official web site at:

This is a highly profitable guide for low level toons to cash-in on the fishing profession with a little effort and no risks.

Keep fishin' and get rich!

Cheers Mates, -Trader Wow

Friday, June 5, 2009

Easy guide to making Warcraft Gold with fishing...

Trader Wow, #1 Angler in Warcraft
Hola Mates, our guide to profitable fish has been expanded and moved from our blog, here at, and moved to our official web site at:

Remember, the most profitable fish in Warcraft are generally fish used to make "stat-foods". Look in your local Auction House to see which fish or stat-seafoods are in low supply.

Send an in-game email to Acronomicus on Arygos and mention "Trader Wow" and he'll send you a gold piece or 2!

Keep on fishin'!

Cheers Mates, -Trader Wow

The Wow Seafood Guide | Fishing Guide & Cooking Guide 1 to 450...

This #1 Wow Seafood Guide | Fishing Guide & Cooking Guide 1-450 has moved from our blog to our official web site at:

This guide contains a complete list of WoW seafood recipes that use fish or clams you can catch while fishing all across Azeroth in the World of Warcraft. This cooking and fishing guide is sorted by recipe skill level, so you can quickly find which recipes you can easily use to skill-up your cooking profession. A great by-product of this process will be the leveling of your fishing skill.

We've also added a speed-leveling guide in case you feel like catching all the fish and recipes at your local Auction House.

This and other useful guides about profitable fish and fishing locations are also on

Cheers, -Trader Wow
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