Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plenti-O-Fish's Expedition

Plenti is my Orc warrior on Arygos. While working on some fishing guides for Trader Wow, I realized I hadn't leveled up his fishing and cooking skills. So, I figured I'd go on a long needed fishing expedition. With my fishing pole and lures in hand, I set off to do a little exploring.

First, I stopped at one of the fishing holes in Oggrimar near the Mage portal. I raised my fishing skill to the beginner's limit and my cooking skill to the journeyman's limit, but all I was catchin' were Mud Snappers. I wasn't catching the Catfish I needed for my fish fry bar-b-que and cookout. Plus, it's a busy spot to go fishing. Lots of toons were comin through the Mage portal and jumpin' down on my head. So, I packed up my gear and headed to the bank and out of Oggrimar.

Upon learning that Red Ridge might be overrun with Catfish, I pulled out my charts and maps and plotted a course for the Red Ridge Mountains in the heart of the Eastern Kingdom. However, this is where my journey first gets interesting. I caught a dirigible to the gates of the Undercity. It's such joyously creepy place and glows with the light of magic and decay. Being my first visit to the magnificant city, I decided to find the bat handler and mark his flight location on my travel map. I must admit, being from Oggrimar, I love the out-of-doors and the wide open spaces. After twenty (20) minutes in the Undercity, I was ready for some "fresh" air.

Silverpine seems like a lovely place. Not too much sun, but plenty of fog and dank air. I can imagine why the undead love it so. Luckily, my visit to this wonderful place was brief! I decided to head to the west coast and swim south to Westfall and take the river to Red Ridge. It seemed like a great plan. What more can an Orc ask for? Give me some fresh fish, salty air, and an ocean to swim. Hmmm, this movie is just missing some some girls and a talking donkey. /wink

Let me start with noting: "the Eastern Kingdom is freakin' huge". I made it safely to the western shores of Silverpine, but I never imagined how dangerous, and exhausting, that swim would become. While swimming through South Tide's Run, I was bitten repeatedly by Reel Frenzy, whacked by Muckdwellers in Hillsbrad's Western Strand, and drowned while crossing the bay toward Menethil Harbour. (I should add, however, the Reel Frenzy are skinnable!)

Whomever pulled me from the waters of the Bay, I'm eternally grateful. I woke up in Oggrimar just in time to see a Troll nurse stroll out of my room at the inn. /wink

Before continuing my floundering expedition, I hit "ye olde bookstore" and found an ancient fisherman's tome. The dusty old book hasn't been opened in years, but it revealed many forgotten secrets any horde would covet. Deep within it's pages is a story about a wiley-minded Tarren who spent many months in Duskwood on his way to Stranglethorn Vale.

The Tarren writes... "I spent a few days on the Hushed Bank tending to my wounds and dodging some very large spiders. In the evenings, I fished for my dinner and noticed the river contained only Catfish and a few Mud Snappers. While catching my dinner on the third night, I nearly broke my line while pulling some very long object out of the river's shallow murky waters. To my disbelief, it was an ancient mariner's Darkwood Fishing Pole."

The road to Duskwood is not an easy one for a green horn like me. I traveled by Goblin air-ship from Oggrimar to Stranglethorn Vale and jumped into the ocean before the vessel landed. The waters off Stranglethorn are clear and warm. I can even see my own troll bait! muwahaha...

The swim to Westfall is surprisingly easy, but the beaches and country side are littered with vagrants and vagabonds. They are all bigger than me, so I avoided the towns and stayed close to the main roads all the way to Duskwood. Mind you, an Orc jogging through Westfall gets lots of attention. Every Human and Dwarf within earshot challenged me to a duel. Like any proud, level 14 Orc, I snickered and RAN!

Upon reaching the bridge into Duskwood, I spied the Hushed Bank from the wiley Tarren's fisherman's tome. After a short nap, I equipped my fishing gear and fished through the night. I caught scores of Catfish and cooked them all until the wee hours of the morning. Fortunately, the large spiders lurking nearby seemed disinterested in both me and the fish.

After mastering the Catfish recipes, I cast my line a few times, but I snagged it on the bottom of the riverbed. I waded into the slightly murky water to free my fishing hook and discovered a faintly glowing fishing pole covered with mud and debris. I'll let you guess what I found. If the word gets out, the Hushed Bank won't be so "hushed"!

Happy Fishing,

-Trader Wow

Friday, July 31, 2009


Sundays in Stranglethorn Vale are always an adventure and a test of one's self control. If ever a Gankapotamus was sighted, it was most likely during the weekly fishing contest in STV.

I try to get down there each Sunday with at least one of my toons in hopes of catching a rare fish and winning the fishing hat or boots. Winning the fishing tournament itself seems like a bit of a stretch for me, but I keep reading intriguing strategic tips and tactical pointers.

Now, as for the monster that seems indigenous to Stranglethorn Vale and Booty Bay, it waits to disrupt my Sunday "zone" each week. This most recent Sunday was no different. It seemed to spring forth from every pool I cast my line into. No matter how far I ran to avoid it, it shadow my every move.

I have a fun MonaVie tasting party to run to, so I will reveal more about the Gankapotamus later!

-Trader Wow

Official Trader Wow Website Launch!

We've recently launched our "Official" web site for Trader Wow's Guides for the World of Warcraft. Our original guides here, at our blog, have been expanded and moved to:

Tader Wow & Warcraft announcements, news, commentary and stories will be posted here at our blog.

Clatu Verata!

Cheers, -Trader Wow

Saturday, June 20, 2009

WoW Fishing Guide: Fishing Poles & Accessories

Trader Wow, Menethil HarbourThis #1 Guide to Wow Fishing Poles has reeled itself in to our official web site at:

If you're lookin' fer a new fishing pole, then git urself to our official web site and "git-r-done"!

Enjoy! -Trader Wow

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Easy Gold Fishing Guide: Profitable Fishing Locations

Trader Wow: Fishing at Steamwheedle Port, TanarisI've updated and expanded this Guide to Profitable Fishing Locations: Tanaris. It's moved to our official web site at:

This is a highly profitable guide for low level toons to cash-in on the fishing profession with a little effort and no risks.

Keep fishin' and get rich!

Cheers Mates, -Trader Wow

Friday, June 5, 2009

Easy guide to making Warcraft Gold with fishing...

Trader Wow, #1 Angler in Warcraft
Hola Mates, our guide to profitable fish has been expanded and moved from our blog, here at, and moved to our official web site at:

Remember, the most profitable fish in Warcraft are generally fish used to make "stat-foods". Look in your local Auction House to see which fish or stat-seafoods are in low supply.

Send an in-game email to Acronomicus on Arygos and mention "Trader Wow" and he'll send you a gold piece or 2!

Keep on fishin'!

Cheers Mates, -Trader Wow

The Wow Seafood Guide | Fishing Guide & Cooking Guide 1 to 450...

This #1 Wow Seafood Guide | Fishing Guide & Cooking Guide 1-450 has moved from our blog to our official web site at:

This guide contains a complete list of WoW seafood recipes that use fish or clams you can catch while fishing all across Azeroth in the World of Warcraft. This cooking and fishing guide is sorted by recipe skill level, so you can quickly find which recipes you can easily use to skill-up your cooking profession. A great by-product of this process will be the leveling of your fishing skill.

We've also added a speed-leveling guide in case you feel like catching all the fish and recipes at your local Auction House.

This and other useful guides about profitable fish and fishing locations are also on

Cheers, -Trader Wow

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Getting started making easy gold...

Head Chef Bob, Auction House Trader, Chef & Filthy Stinking Rich Warcraft Toon
This article, Getting Started Making Easy Gold with Auction House Arbitraging, has moved from this blog to our official web site located at:

Btw, the good lookin' Dwarf in the picture is Headchefbob on Arygos. Send him a hello via in-game email. Mention "Trader Wow" and he'll send you a gold piece or 2!

Cheers, -Trader Wow
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